Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stuff that Makes you Think and Feel

Hi all,

Sorry to be so quiet this week. I've got lots of not so fun family stuff going on that has taken most of my "fun" time. In between the chaos I have learned and seen some wonderful things by other bloggers. It will take you some time to look at all of this, but I hope you do. I really feel like you will be blessed, or you will learn something, or you will be brought to action. All three were true for me.

Over at Fleas Biting Desiree is challenging us not to rely on misinformation about the "developing world" to fuel misconceptions about the "need" for international adoption. She posts a link to THIS absolutely riveting video where Hans Rosling debunks myths about the developing world using cutting-edge (and highly entertaining) technology. I seriously think that every agency worker...every adoptive parent...and every student in the western world should take 20 minutes to watch this video.

On another blog I read (but can't remember in order to give them credit) was posted a link to an amazing post by Justin over at "All it is for all it's worth." Justin writes "The Tao of the Starfish-Thrower". This post is so timely for me. Very recently I posted about my own struggle to reconcile how we eliminate the orphan crisis, rather than just alleviate it. Justin's post, which plays off of the tale we all know about the man who picks up a starfish on the beach and throws it back, said it perfecty for me.

After a "heavy meal" of trying to figure out how to save the world, and cleansing yourself of any misunderstandings you may have had of the developing world, how about a little dessert? Charity over at "To Liberia and Back" posted a link to the video below. It takes two minutes of your time and will totally bless you.


Sue 8:50 PM  


Thanks for posting. I found Justin's post was very thought provoking. I had my husband read it, too.