Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Time to Overhaul!

I wrote a few months ago about how it was hard to go from focusing on adoption for so many years to now just being able to enjoy my family without that background stress. Then for the rest of the summer I think I wasted a lot of time not being very productive.

I looked at these walls...same light gray color as when we moved in two years ago...covered in handprints...miscelaneous smudges...happy faces...and names. I love our house but we've never made it ours! Our focus has been on more pressing matters. In our previous homes the first thing we did was put our own stamp on it. Well, I'm tired of sleeping in somebody else's house. It's time to make this house a Gililspie house!

This weekend I went with my mom to pick out colors, then did the typical thing when I brought them home and none of the colors looked anything like we had imagined! We're going bold with our entry way with a medium shade of greyish green. Then we'll hang our pictures in black and white frames. Biggest change in the entry will be the ugly builtin cabinet. I have hated that thing since we moved here! [But it is good storage.] I'm painting it black to make it look more like a peice of furniture. Pleased with the results so far.

To conclude the most boring post EVER I will leave you with pictures of my progress this evening! LOL! Of course I forgot (like I always do) to get a "before" picture, so I got a "first coat" picture instead.


Kerri 5:48 AM  

Oohh - I love to see what others do to their homes. Glad you finally have time to relax and do this.

Kerri and Ruby

~Rachel~ 6:28 AM  

I like it! Please keep sharing. It's fun to see and it's also nice to see that something else is happening besides adoptions. That's sure all that's happening around here! LOL. :)

Jocelyn 7:40 PM  

Do you all live here in Tulsa? I am adopting from Ethiopia and found your blog through blog hopping:-) I have met Kerri and Ruby as well!!

Grosso Family 6:58 PM  

picking colors is so hard - and they never look the same at home as they did at the store :-)