Monday, September 10, 2007

Have you given up on me?!

This might be my all-time record for not posting--six whole days! =-) I'm in a bit of a dry spell right now, writing wise. I'm keeping busy with AAI work and our home improvement projects. The kids are starting campfire tomorrow, and soccer starts in a few weeks. This is our first jump into extra-curricular activities (I'm one of those parents who rebels against over-scheduling kids). I'm not sure how it will go but it doesn't hurt to dip our toes in with an 8 week soccer season and once a week campfire. Samren really wanted to try soccer. Taevy really wanted to try Campfire. Both are trying both for one season--easier for the parents that way!

Taevy will turn 7 years old next Monday. My baby! So hard to believe. We'll have a small family party at our house on Saturday (which is why I have to get this house painted and back in order quickly!) followed by a little party at her school on Monday.

Samren is doing well. It's interesting to watch him go through kindergarten in such a different way than Taevy did. Taevy wanted to be the star and worked so hard to please. Teacher's of the class...all of that. Samren is much more immature (a few years behind Taevy at the same age) and seems content to blend in with the class. He's well behaved (as far as I can tell) but isn't motivated by the "star factor" like Taevy is. In the long run that might work to his advantage. His growth stunting is much more obvious this year than last. He's several inches shorter than the shortest girl in his class. Last year there were a few kids his size. So far he doesn't seem to have noticed how tiny he is. I wonder when it will hit him? Eric and I are also beginning to wonder if we need to have him checked for rare forms of dwarfism. He's just SO tiny, and has never had a growth spurt in his life. We just keep waiting...

Bright. Oh my! We've created a bit of a spoiled monster I'm afriad! After almost 3 months of close, close cuddles with mommy we're pushing the "share mommy" thing more and he is not at all happy about it. His life is complete if it's just me and him and an empty room (7 week in Ghana together will do that to a mom and son!). Of course that melts my mommy heart, but I know it's not best for him. So we're trying to de-spoil him just a bit. Walking out of Lowe's today an elderly black woman walked up and said, "Child! I've been watchin' you with that baby and you've got him spoiled rotten!" She was mostly commenting on how she could see we loved eachother, but still!

We've moved Bright up into his twin bed, with Samren sharing the room. He's done great. The only thing is that we think he gets up in the middle of the night to play! After he's through playing he can't get back up into bed so what does he do? In his toddler mind I guess it's the spot in the room that's important, so he climbs UNDER his bed and sleeps for the rest of the night! LOL! He never cries and he's not falling off (we'd hear that). I wish I had a camera to catch Bright's night capers!
Guess that's it for tonight.


Kerri 7:51 PM  

Happy birthday, Taevy!

Love the pics of your kiddos - all so cute!

Kerri and Ruby

Story of our Life 8:27 PM  

Love the pics Anita!!

I am laughing w/tears strollng down my eyes at thinking about Bright playing - then off to sleep...under his bed. Poor thing. hehehe!!