Thursday, August 16, 2007

I'm so bad!

Sorry for the lack of posts all. I know 99% of people who read this blog could really care less if I post less than usual but there are a few people, well one (Mom!) that comes to see what's up everyday.

What is up is that I am bombarded with AAI Ghana work right now. I took it easy last week (I was sick) and this week I'm paying for it! But I love my job. I really do.

Someone sent me an awesome Ethics question to post. I plan to do that in the next few days. It's sad that we are put into so many ethical delimmas as adoptive parents, but I love that we can share and learn from each other's experiences.



Grosso Family 8:19 PM  

I DO come to your blog each day to see what's going on ;-) so I'm one with your mum :-)
Cheers ~