Friday, August 17, 2007

School's In; Viruses abound!

I love back to school time. I really do. But I HATE all of the viruses the kids bring home throughout the school year. It's only the second week of's been over 100 degrees every day this week...and all 5 of us have gotten our first cold of the season. Good grief!

Seems like we never get missed because of the weakened immune systems around here. I have the whole fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue thing that weakens my defenses. Eric has the diabetes and kidney failure thing. And Samren has autoimmune stuff going on (left over from the autoimmune disease he was healed from) that we just haven't been able to put a label on yet (possibly headed towards Type I Diabetes). So we get EVERYTHING! LOL!

But how much worse would it feel if I didn't have air conditioning to come home to? Or good medince? Or a nice comfortable bed to lay my head on? I just can't help but to think about my friend Muna who has had a "cold" for many weeks now in Ghana. It's so hot and so much more work just to BE there than it is here. She works long hours, goes to the pharmacist for medical advice, and commutes hours through all kinds of yucky pollution everyday. No wonder she's had such a hard time getting over it.

Yep. I should count myself lucky even to have a cold, because of where I get to have my cold.



K.C.H.K. 9:56 AM  

I've been lurking (sorry!!!) but I had to comment on this. In the movie Beyond Borders, Clive Owen asks Angelina Jolie what she does when she gets ill and she tells him all the normal things people do. And he asks her "Do you ever just have the cold?"

That has always resounded with me. I got sick one summer in Haiti (parasites) and couldn't take anything because there simply wasn't medicine for me. I just "had" my illness...and realized how spoiled I am!