Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stretching our Dollars and loving it!

Bright's clothes: 17 outfits for $75
Hi all,

I know I have blogged about the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale at least once before, but I'm doing it again. If you haven't heard of this you really must see if there's one in your area! Basically, hundreds (thousands?) of moms in the area pull out their kids' outgrown clothes, price them, and take them to a giant building at our fairgrounds. The JBF people check the items to make sure they aren't complete junk, and then they enter the sale. JBF keeps 30% of your profit if you're a consigner. I've never consigned but I have several friends that do and you can make a bundle! You can buy furniture, bedding, shoes, toys, anything for baby, maternity clothes, and of course kids' clothes.

The last two years I have probably bought 75% of my kids' clothes at this sale (they have it twice a year). It feels SO GOOD to know that you're getting a good value for your dollar! Plus I get to buy brands that I normally wouldn't buy new (GAP, Old Navy, Gymboree, Children's Place, etc.).

Tonight Taevy and I spent 3 hours at the sale. We bought 50 items for $240 (or an average of $4.80 per item). Some "items" actually included two shirts, or two pants, or were entire outfits. Bright got 17 new-to-us fall and winter outfits for $75 (or $4.41 per OUTFIT)! Taevy got an Old Navy winter coat ($9). And all of the kids now have enough fall and winter clothes to get them through to spring. There is nothing like shopping without getting buyer's remorse. It was so fun to come home and show Eric how well I did with the money we had. And the kids had a blast trying on all of their new clothes!
Outfit: $6
Sweater vest and turtle neck: $5. Pants $2
Shirt: $4
Outfit: $6
Shirt: $2
Outfit w/ purse: $6.50
Shirt: $3. Skirt $3


Sue 9:04 PM  


I too love a good bargain! I shop at resale stores and garage sales for my kids clothes, too! You can save SO much money! You have beautifully dressed kids!


Kerri 4:26 AM  

My mom and I were there shopping for my 11 month old. Had a great time and got lots of good stuff.

Kerri and Ruby

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi 11:43 PM  

WOW I missed the sale this year...I guess I will catch the BA or Owasso one...Love that last picture of your little SUPERMODEL