Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nothing in Particular

Do you know how hot it's been in Oklahoma? Yes, hot enough to send dozens of PGA spectators to the hospital every day. Yes, hot enough to fry the infamous egg. Yes, hot enough to put burns on the bottom of your feet when walking on pavement. But also hot enough to put blisters on your daughter's hands from going across the monkey bars at school!!! Three more showed up after I took this shot. It was 140 degrees in our car the other day. Too many toys, not enough pockets. I just love boys! [In case you're wondering, the extra "belly button" is the scar from Samren's g-tube.]Bright says, "I love da da."

"He loves me." Love,


Story of our Life 5:45 AM  

The fun has ONLY just begun. The blisters on the hands from monkey bars!! It has been a constant "issue" in our home since Abi was in 1st grade. She will start 3rd grade on the 4th of Sept. The child LOVES the monkey bars and her hands look horrible nearly the entire school year.