Sunday, August 12, 2007

Please Help Naoimi

Hi all,

I don't usually pass on information about others' fundraisers on this blog, but this particular child has touched my heart for months. Naoimi is a six year old girl in Liberia that swollowed lye. As a result her esophogus has dissolved and she no longer has the ability to take food orally. She has been put on a feeding tube. In the US this would be enough to save her life but in Liberia where resources are so few having a g-tube is one thing--having food to put down the g-tube is another. Pediasure is prohibitively expensive in Liberia. I have heard that kids with g-tubes in Liberia are instead fed a mixture of oil, eggs, and powdered milk.

Naoimi is starving to death. STARVING TO DEATH! She weighs 22 pounds at 6 years old and her weight is not going to increase. Even though she is in the care of one of the best orphanages in Liberia, there just isn't more they can do for her. There is something that YOU can do for her.
Naoimi has a family in America. They are desperately trying to raise the funds to bring her home. They have started a "1$ Adoption" fundraiser. They are simply asking that anybody who hears the story of Naoimi contributes $1 to bring her home. Can't we all sacrifice $1? And if we can sacrifice $1, can we sacrifice $2? Or $5? Or $100? Please at least give $1.

Our Samren had a g-tube for several years. He would have died in his birth country. So this particular situation hits close to home for us. Naoimi deserves to live.

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