Thursday, August 09, 2007

Samren is a Kindergartener!

Well, today was Samren's first day of Kindergarten! We thought that was going to be Tuesday, but....

I remember that last year Taevy was SO scared about her first day. But Samren seemed to take it all in stride. He has Taevy's teacher from last year, which I'm sure adds to his confidence level. He already knows the classroom and his teacher. Ms. Bosen said he had a great day and is "just precious." ;-)
We really can't get anything out of Samren out of the day besides it was "cool." Oh, and he ate a sandwich, apple, and chocolate milk for lunch and an ice cream sandwich for a special first day of school snack. All about the food!

Speaking of "cool" of the neat things about having your kids go to a school were most of the kids are lower income immigrants (in addition to all of the fabulous Spanish skills they learn) is that both breakfast and lunch are provided by the school FOR FREE!!!! We started out last year sending lunches to school and heard nonstop about how it was so unfair because everybody else got a tray at lunch. So we gave in and allowed Taevy to start taking money for lunch. But she would come home everyday with the money. Finally we found out it is because the whole school gets lunch for free. Yahoozee! Needless to say the grocery bill around here goes way down during the school year.