Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bright--Just Because

Haven't posted pics of Bright in a while so I thought I'd share my most recent shots of him. I came downstairs last night to find him and Eric playing patty-cake. Such a sweet moment considering how difficult their adjustment to each other has been. Bright has made huge strides the past few weeks and now LOVES his daddy. Of course his daddy is totally smitten with him as well.These next shots just kind of crack me up. He looks like a baby Rastafarian with his crochet Ghana colored hat on! LOL! I made several of these little Ghana hats last winter when I was trying to pass time. Now this one is one of Bright's favorite play things.



Bingaling 7:56 PM  

And he's wearing that adorable (RED) outfit!!! I love it!

Ericka 9:49 AM  

He already looks different, he's changing so much. You probably can't see it, but he's looking more toddler now. Amazing. SO cute!