Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday Night Fun

What does our family do for fun on a Saturday night?

First, ya gotta get clean because tomorrow is church!

Then ya gotta let out some energy before bed. Dancing to Radio Dinsey does the trick.

Second one is kind of boring, until towards the end when Bright decides to show off his hair brushing skills. Future barber???!!!

Finally we have more dancing.

Ahhh...the joys of "normal" life. I mean there anything more enjoyable than watching all three of your kids have so much fun? I don't think there is for Eric and I.



Anonymous 8:46 PM  

Thanks for the quick glimpse into lots of fun...but how quickly does it take them to switch gears into a sleep time?

My busy boy runs out of ADHD medication about 7:00 pm and it's hard to rein him in to a quiet state of mind even at age 10.

Mary Ellyn

Anita and Family 9:19 PM  

My kids tend to run and then drop! Doesn't take them much time to gear down into sleep mode. But I have a neice that is ADHD and know about the meds running out at night! That is a whole different ballgame!

Story of our Life 9:26 PM  

Lovely!! I love it Anita. They are such dolls.

I had to laugh at Bright brushing his hair. He has none. But obviously is aware of others brushing theirs.

They are all dolls.

As for bed tiime and bouncing off the walls and winding down. My Bry (5) has major sleeping issues. He doesn't have adhd but does have SID (Sensory Integration Disorder). We first started using melatonin a little over ayear ago. Then switched to Lullabye. He doesn't 'half' to have in order to fall asleep. However, his little body sleeps so much better.

They are dolls!!

Anita and Family 9:30 PM  

Hey! Leave my boy's hair alone! LOL! It's actually longer than it has been since he got home. Almost time for a hair cut!! ;-)

Taevy used to have pretty serious SID issues as well. Thank goodness she has all but grown out of it now. Still grinds her teeth and talks in her sleep all night.


Stacy 10:38 PM  

Oh my gosh, how cute. You gotta love a cute baby butt (with a cute baby belly sneaking into the shot). And all of the kids dancing is a hoot, but I had to re-watch that last one where Bright was dancing the most - I love baby dancing!!!

Anonymous 1:33 PM  

Thank you Anita for sharing and for helping me smile. I love the boom-boom shot!! Your family is gorgeous!!!
Take care, Rhonda

Chandra 9:04 AM  

that was so precious. I love the last video of all of them dancing together in the living room. Bright has no trouble keeping up. They are such cute kids! Glad to hear everything is going so well :)