Thursday, August 02, 2007

Project Withdrawl!

I'm sure I'm not the only person to have gone through this. I find myself in some kind of withdrawl for not having a big project. We're not adopting. We're not planning to move. We're not redecorating. We're not looking for a new car. There are no big health issues to learn about. I don't know what to do with myself!

We've been planning for or going through one of the above things since January 2002! My mom called it the other day when she said I had "project addiction." I find myself trying to think of something that needs to be fixed or improved or figured out. I want to research. And in a weird way I almost kind of miss having something to fret over (I've got to get X done to the house before it goes on the market. I've got to get Y paperwork turned in for the adoption.).

There are still plenty of things to do. Get out of debt. Take control of the garden. Clean out closets. Take control of my eating habits. They have just been on a lower level of priority than other things have been for the last several years. Those types of things haven't made it to the list for a while! But I guess this is our life now. It feels so normal...or what I imagine normal to be. Normal people work the garden, right? ;-) I guess I've got to get used to it. And I SHOULD be so glad to finally have a chance to get used to "normal."

I'm trying to talk myself into it. =-)

P.S. Sorry for the boring post. Everything around here is just so stinkin' normal!!!!!!!!!!!!


jennine 11:56 PM  

Anita, we are so similar! You will come up with a big project- or you can always call me for ideas- I have too many projects and too little time!
Seriously, enjoy normal- It is a blessing.

Anonymous 9:03 AM  

I went through a long, long stretch of projects too - adoptions, home stuff, fighting schools for special ed services (after the long project of learning my child's rights under IDEA and all about his diagnosis and communication/educational options). Etc. Etc.

And then I came to this happy patch where our only "major" project was living and enjoying each other. And there I found my happiest project at all! It involves (gasp) reading for pleasure - hadn't had the chance to do that in years! Just being with the kids - soccer games, letterboxing (fun, fun -, taking tennis lessons with the kids, working on my self (weightloss/workout/diet), enjoying my marriage/husband.

Throwing ourselves into the projects - educating ourselves, being organized, efficient, calm and smart - gets us through those tough times so these projects are useful. CONGRATULATIONS! You are now at the real "pay off" phase. It took me a while to realize I was there and not be looking for another project. Don't get me wrong - our family has still has some projects mostly those that help us look outside ourselves - but the major focus is family. And I like that...a lot!

Enjoy it!!! Jennifer S.

Bingaling 9:12 AM  

Welcome to "normal" Anita! I'm looking forward to getting there someday. ;)

Maybe you could work on some craft projects during your "down time". If you lived closer, we could do some quilting or something...I've got yards and yards of fabric that need to be cut and stitched together!

Anonymous 1:22 AM  

Anita... Just enjoy it !!!being a mum and wife i would think is the rest of the world to solve their own problems..Write a book!!! Would be a great thing for your kids to have if nothing else!!

Rachel - The Instant Mama 8:43 PM  

I'd be happy to give you a project Anita! LOL! Want to help me apply for adoption grants? :)

Enjoy the quiet while it lasts.