Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Taevy is a 1st Grader!

Well, my baby girl is a big first grader as of today. I remember my dad always saying, "It seems like it was just yesterday..." Now I understand. Seems it was just yesterday that she was Bright's age, toddling along behind me. Now she reads and writes and does arithmatic. Crazy!
We like the kids' schools in lots of ways that matter, but one annoying thing is a lack of communication between parents and the school. So today we showed up for school at the same time we did last year. But this year school starts 10 minutes earlier. Ugh! So my shy little Taevy was late to her first day of class. Her teacher (Ms. Pilgrim) was great about it though. She pulled Taevy over for a hug to ease that "I'm walking into a class that is already started" feeling. I think we are going to love Ms. Pilgrim. Taevy's kindergarten teacher hand-picked Ms. Pilgrim for her. Yes, Taevy was just a bit special to her teacher last year. ;-) Samren will have Ms. Bosen this year and I wonder if Ms. Bosen knows what she's gotten herself into by requesting him! LOL!
Samren was ready to go for his first day of Kindergarten today. Unfortunately that lack of communication thing kicked us in the rear again and he doesn't start classes until Thursday (evaluations are the next few days). Poor guy was so disappointed! So in a few days I'll post about his first day.



Sue 4:36 PM  


Taevy is such a beautiful girl!


Grosso Family 7:19 PM  

Taevy is so beautiful - you have your hands full.

Bingaling 8:49 PM  

Taevy is so cute! She looks great all dressed up for her first day at school. What an exciting day! So glad the teacher did her best to make her feel comfortable...Hopefully the communication between school and parents gets a little better!

I can't believe school is starting up again already...it will start around here in two weeks.

Anonymous 11:50 AM  

Happy 1st Grade Miss Taevy! You looked very pretty on your first day! :)

Anonymous 4:12 PM  

school started already?? wow. when do you finish school in June?