Sunday, September 23, 2007

Adoption Across Cultures

Hi all,

I have very little time to blog lately (or rather, I have very little time to put thought and energy into what I would blog about!), but wanted to pass on this fabulous post by another mom in blogland.

With my AAI work, I often find myself trying to describe, without seeming insensitive, that there isn't necessarily the same kind of grief for (some) Ghanaian mothers relinquishing their children as their would be for American mothers doing the same thing. So much work is put into simply surviving....and there is so little hope of providing anything beyond survival for their children (education, socialization, a life without child labor). Some of our biological families in Ghana do seem extremely relieved to relinquish their children permanently in our care. They know that their children will have a future that they could never provide. Anyway, I'm going off on my own when really I just wanted to pass on this wonderful post from an adoptive mom to a Liberian child. Just a little background--her daughter was a victim of caustic acid ingestion (a form of bleach), a condition for which there is no hope of a future in Liberia.

Adoption Across Cultures



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Thank you for your wonderful blog! I continue to learn from it.