Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bring it on October!

Well, September is almost at an end and I can't say that I am one bit sorry.

I really don't want to ignore my blog--really I don't! But lately I've found it difficult to come up with appropriate material. Things are either so trivial that nobody would care to read it, or so tough that I'd feel kind of like I was emotionally flashing everybody that might still read this blog! But I'm in the mood to write, so I guess you'll all have to deal with a little "flash."

Eric has been sick for the past two weeks. Well...sick probably makes it sound a lot better than it has been. He got *something* the day after Taevy's birthday party and has been struggling ever since. Fever...vomit from too much mucus draining....vomit from heartburn...vomit from who knows what....vomit a dozen times a day...horrible cough...bronchitus...two rounds of weak he couldn't move the couch today...two very low blood sugars that caused two very late night calls to 911...dehydration...potassium so low they thought he could have a heart attack any moment...

So yeah...not Eric's best two weeks. And it's really gotten him down. Eric hardly ever cries, but he broke down the other night at the thought of us watching him die. He worries so much that he's going to let us down.

We found out that Eric's sister cannot be his kidney donor. That was pretty disappointing. We're praying for good news about his dad. We just can't do *this* for two more years until a cadaver kidney becomes available. He's just got to get a kidney sooner than that.

My work with AAI has been long and hard the last week or so. Because we run our own children's home in Ghana my job isn't just about working with the families and the staff that work on adoption in Ghana. A big part of it (probably the biggest part) is working with the staff at Eban House to keep the home running smoothly. Found out on Monday that new regulations are being set into place for children's homes (which is a good thing). For me that means that the next several weeks will be extremely long days of writing policies and procedures and forms for the home, while trying not to die from the guilt of Bright playing behind my desk all day without many cuddles. I adore my work--I even adore the type of work I'll be doing the next several weeks (I'm a dork that way)--but I don't adore super long days that leave my family in the background. =-(

I am HAPPY to report that Samren seems to have had a huge breakthrough with Bright. Things aren't perfect but progress is being made and Samren is much more accepting of his role as Bright's big brother. Now if I could just get Bright to stop being such a bully! LOL!

Samren gave us a scare today. He came down sick very early Friday morning. We're hoping it's what Eric is trying to get over because the last thing we need is for Eric to get something new! Poor little Sammy is miserable. Now I admit I am the kind of mommy that doesn't give kids medicine at the first sign of fever. I think fever is there for a reason. Fever is a good thing. It keeps sick kids from acting like they are well when what they really need to do is rest! So I don't typically give meds until a fever hits 103. Well, today Sammy's fever skyrocketed to 106!!!! I was scared, I have to admit. He was shaking and talking nonsense in between saying, "I can't do this mommy." We immediately gave him motrin, and a tepid bath followed by an ice pack on his neck and a cold rag on his forehead and a dose of Tylenol. It took about 45 minutes before he was down below 104. Since then he's been sleeping on my bed--going on 4 hours now. Please pray for my baby's healing, and that nobody else gets this NASTY bug!

Hmmm...when I write it all down it doesn't really seem that bad--not so bad that I should feel as worn down as I do. But in words you can't see/hear the unmowed grass, or the piles of laundry and dishes, the cracker crumbs on the floor from Tuesday, or the fear that is creeping in about Eric's health. If I can't keep it all together with him here, how would I ever do it without him?



Barbara C 4:39 PM  

Praying for you, Anita! *hugs*

Christina 5:26 PM  

It sounds like quite a lot, to me. I think you are doing well, holding it all together as you are. Take care of you and I'll be praying for all of you.

Owlhaven 10:18 PM  



Bingaling 11:21 AM  

Oh Anita....I am so sorry things have been so hard. I'm praying for you.

jennine 8:46 PM  

Thanks for updating us. I am praying for you all. I so hope that a kidney donor can be found for Eric. I also hope that this bug will ignore the rest of you and Sammy has a speedy recovery. Thank you for all you do with AAI- it is so appreciated.

Welcome to Jen 1:10 PM  

Your family is so beautiful Anita!!

You and your family are in my prayers!


Jen -Naoimi's Mama :)