Monday, October 15, 2007

"The Our Group Emblem"

Oh Lord, "The Our Group Emblem" Our kids startec Campfire a few weeks ago and their first ceremoney (I think it's a membership ceremony) is tomorrow afternoon. Taevy really likes Campfire. Samren...not so much.

So during the membership ceremony some of the kids have special jobs. Taevy gets to introduce a special candle and then light it. She says like 8 words. We were all happy for Taevy to have that special part! Samren didn't get one, but he also didn't want one. We were fine cheering Taevy on.


Friday night I find a note from Samren's Campfire teacher saying that she realized Samren didn't have a speaking part in the ceremony, and that there was also an emblem that needed to be introduced. Could Samren do it please?

Oh my word! This speaking part was WAY more than we thought Samren could handle. It took us 3 days for him to get out "The Our Group Emblem" (probably because none of us know what the Our Group Emblem even is!

So with a lot of practice, and a few tears of frustration, here is Sammy's best effort. We were NOT going to let it go undocumented after all of the time he's put in! LOL!

One of the reasons we find it so ironic that he has this speaking part is that although Samren has a good vocabulary, his words somehow come out like there are marbles in his mouth. He leaves out words, or talks over them, or something. It's weird. So I'll "translate" below. =-)

"The Our Group Emblem let's everyone know that we have a sense of being in our special Campfire group. It also says that we have learned some of the traditions, a little about the five trails, how to be safe at meetings, and responsible people." [No clue what the 5 trails are!]


Dupuis Family 10:07 AM  

Awwwww.....that is sooooo sweet!!! Way to go Samren!!!!