Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stories and Pics of the Week

Autumn in Oklahoma. I love this time of year. Our Atumn hits later than lots of places. I wait and wait and wait for mid-October to arrive so that the trees really start changing, and we get that beautiful crispness in the air. We're looking forward to a full week of temps in the 60's!

With all of the brush, leaves, and sticks we get due to wind we invested in an outdoor fireplace. Most of our neighbors do this--burn their sticks/leaves in chimineas or outdoor fireplaces (since it's illegal to just burn in a trashcan or pile like we would have done in the olden days!). We had lots of fun yesterday burning a HUGE pile of brush we had in the backyard. This week we're planning a weenie and marshmallow roast during one of the cool evenings.

Soccer continues to be one of the highlights of our (Eric's and mine) weeks. The kids are steadily improving. Samren only fell 2 times during yesterday's game! LOL! And he got to be the goalie for the first time. Both kids were chosen as "captains" at the start of the game.

Samren gave us a scare on Friday when his chest of drawers fell on top of him. Seven years being a parent and we've never had an incident like that! Sammy had spent a long time that day organizing and folding all of his clothes and was so proud to show his daddy after he got home from work. Before we could stop him he had opened all of the drawers at once and the entire chest was on top of tiny little Samren. He was completely buried. Very scary. I don't know why, but it really shook me up the rest of the evening. Crying on and off...all of that good stuff. I would never take any of my kids' lives for granted, but I think because we worked so, so hard to keep Samren alive when he was an infant/toddler (gastrointestinal disease) the thought of him being hurt or lost is super traumatic. He is fine. A few cuts on his eye and a big bump on his head. I kept him close to me the rest of the night, including the special treat of sleeping in bed with Eric and I. You can see how much Sammy loves his daddy!

It wouldn't seem right to end without at least a bit about Bright! We've tried not to worry about the lack of words coming from Bright's mouth, but it's hard. Just like kids do, as soon as we were really about to have him evaluated he showed us up by adding about 10 new words in 10 days. Just love this kiddo! He is such a kick to have around. This is a silly pic of him. This is the face he makes when he's AMAZED by something! He's saying "OH!!!!" In this pic it was an airplane in the sky. =-)


Story of our Life 6:52 PM  

I love love love the pics and updates of your kiddos/family!! They are such a beautiful children. (I'm sure you didn't know that right? hehehe).

Having the dresser fall is HORRIBLE and could have been very tragic. I will never forget my best friend in HS's brother died from that very same thing happening to him. He was about 4- yrs old. Fluke accident and it hit him in a very sensative spot of his temple and he died of an internal bleed of some sort. Sammy's lil guardian angel was watching over him.

Take Care!!! Gala

Anonymous 8:08 AM  

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