Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Happening

My kids are really becoming siblings--all three of them. Bright has been home for over 4 months now. His attachment to me was flawless; his attachment to Eric was careful but successful; he has been willing to attach to Taevy and Samren, but they (especially Samren) have been much slower to attach to him.

As I write this all three of them are having a "sleep-over" for the second night in a row. It wasn't even a question in the older kids' minds whether Bright was invited. Of course he has to be there too! So the three of them scrunch into Samren's bed and somehow sleep all night, cuddled up super close.

This afternoon I was treated to the sound of Samren and Bright playing together downstairs--big brother tickling baby brother, baby brother giving bug belly chuckles. Two months ago Samren wouldn't even call Bright his brother out loud, let alone touch him in a positive way.

Taevy has pretty much always been great with Bright. But at first it was more of a "take care of baby" thing. Now it's a "take care of little brother" thing. She adores playing "school" with Bright (which for Taevy is a half day affair that includes nap time, snack time, music time, and all of the academic stuff).

It feels good. Bright loves his siblings and his siblings love him. He has melded into the family. No more the "new" kid..."the baby." Now he's just Bright. He's supposed to be here. My kids have decided that life wouldn't be as good if he weren't in our family.

If someone would have asked me before he came home what I thought the most difficult aspect of the adjustment for our family would be, I would have NEVER in a million years answered that it would be sibling attachment! I was prepared for months and months (or years) of attachment issues between Bright, Eric and I (been there, done that with Taevy). But there was no problem. I was even prepared for months and months of Bright not accepting Taevy and Samren--no problem there either. It was Taevy and Samren that had the most work to do.

I'm so proud of them for opening up their hearts...for sharing their parents...for falling in love with the brother that they prayed for all those months.

Happy Mommy,


ManyBlessings 6:48 AM  

Very, very cool. :)

Nicki Mann 11:58 AM  

That is so sweet! I remember having "sleepovers" with my brother and cousin when I was little. Having a sibling bond is so special!