Saturday, November 03, 2007

Betcha didn't know...

1. My nickname was "skeeter" all the way through middle school. Almost put it on my letter jacket, but glad I didn't know!

2. My mom's first husband was named Dennis. My mom's second husband is named Dennis.

3. I've got a cold and I snore when I have a cold. Last night my snores were BAD. So bad that Eric worked the sound into his dream. My snores were a sub-machine gun!

4. Taevy was born the day of our homestudy visit. We like to say that both mommies were "laboring" at the same time!

5. Taevy was born on her grandparent's 30th wedding anniversary.

6. Samren's first word was "OU!" (as in Oklahoma Sooners--our alma mater).

7. Eric and I met on the football feild, practicing in our college marching band.

8. Eric and I are still such band dorks that we went BACK to OU in 2005 and marched again in front of 85,00 people to celebrate the band's 100th anniversary. Eric is 80% blind--but he did it! We both regularly have dreams about marching band.

9. Eric and I forgot our first anniversary. We forget our anniversary almost every year. We're challenged there!

10. We don't "do" Halloween. This was the first year my kids have ever even dressed up, and it was to go to a Church fall festival. I hate halloween. Although I have to admit--it was fun getting my kids dressed up this year, and the candy is nice to have!

11. I'm posting from my mom's house because it's NaBloPoMo and I have to post.

12. Breakfast is waiting. The whole family is waiting. I've got to go eat now.