Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Best Jobs

I have been so blessed with the two best jobs in the world. First, I get to be mom to my three kids (I know--you saw it coming). And second, I get to help other people become moms and dads to kids in Ghana. I mean blessed is that?! Tonight I want to talk about job #2.

On Friday I got to call two of the dearest families to to tell them that they were officially the parents of their children waiting in Ghana. The first family I called was so fun because I've been friends with the mom for a few years. I just loved hearing her excited voice on the phone! I loved thinking about her getting off of the phone all excited to make phone calls and send emails! It is one of the best "moments" in adoptions--when you find out your adoption is final!

I've got to admit, I was kind of bummed when I tried the second family (also so dear to me) and got the answering machine. No way was I going to leave a message of such importance! So I hung up and called their cell number. I got the wonderful but also very professional husband/dad of the family. Now I have to admit...I was SO looking forward to talking with mom because I love the screams and tears of joy! The dad was surprised (wasn't expecting the news on that day) and pleased. We talked about how the event was definitely orchestrated by God. He said very calmly told me he would call his wife and tell her the good news. Friday night I told my husband that while I was glad to speak with the dad I really did miss hearing what the mom's reaction would have been. I half-jokingly (because this is the way Eric is) said that "sometimes dads just aren't as emotional about adoption."

But God is so good! Tonight I got home from a weekend away and started catching up on blogs. The second family I got to call on Friday keeps a blog and recounted the good news of the day in a completely different and amazingly wonderful way! It was like hearing Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story!" Turns out that the dad WAS absolutely totally crazy excited and emotional about the adoption going through. In fact, when he called his wife he began to cry and it took him a few moments before he could tell her that they had two more sons in Ghana!

So an apology--to all adoptive dads out there--for thinking that some of you are any less overjoyed than your wife would be when you get "the call!" You may not sound the same as a women (actually, let's hope not!) or respond the way a women would, but I will never assume again that giving the news to the husband is going to be less emotional than giving the news to a wife!

Congratulations and Blessings to the Swanda and Skelton families! May your children join you sooner than any of us would predict.



Sue 9:20 AM  


It shows that you love your jobs, both of them! Working with you on our adoption of Arama has been great. You put your heart & soul into this program and these kids! Thank you!

Sue :)