Wednesday, November 07, 2007

In Honor of Migrain-Imposed Writers Block...

and my commitment to post every day this month for NaBloPoMo...

I've resorted to a meme. Yes, a "boxed" blog post. RUF--ready to use food for the blogger. Sorry folks.


Last thing I ate: a strawberry blowpop (don't know why since I don't like strawberry blowpops)

Last movie I watched: Transformers (b-day gift for Samren, fairly entertaining--Go Optimus Prime! Go!)

Last CD I listened to: The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band, 1997 (How's that for embarrassing and band-geeky?)

Last Book Read: Land of Nod Catalog (if that counts); currently reading "A Guest of the Sheik" (a book I was required to read during college for mid-eastern history--yes, books are on my Christmas list. I'm out!)

Last Beverage I drank: Sprite Zero

Last Item I bought: Gasoline. $2.89 per gallon here in T-town

Last game I played: "Tile Towers" on Taevy's Webkins website. (Another embarrassing habit!)

Last word I misspelled: "embarrassing" (twice in the post. blush)