Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bright's First Snow!

First...he looks out upon the snow curiously. What is this stuff like?

We bundle him up and let him walk out to feel it for the first time. He cautiously sticks a finger in...

Then, ever so gently...his entire hand...

Oh! This stuff is COLD!

Get it off!
I am thoroughly unimpressed by this stuff mom. Completely and totally unimpressed.
Okay Bright. Let's try a snow ball. You like balls, right?

Oh well. Maybe he'll like daffodils next spring!


Sue 12:25 PM  

That is funny! Bright is smart, snow is just too cold! Beautiful family Christmas photos!


Fliss and Mike Adventures 3:40 PM  

That was to cute... Have a wonderful 2008 - stay happy and safe and speedy referrals for everyone... take care...

Nicki Mann 9:39 PM  

LOL... I love the look on his face, like you all are crazy for making such a big deal about the cold white junk on the ground!