Thursday, December 06, 2007

God is so Cool!

Once there was a little girl with a favorite pair of Khaki pants. When she got the Khaki pants they were way too long, but she rolled them up. But she grew and grew and grew until her mommy told her that the pants needed to retire. They became to short.

The little girl was highly distressed. After all, this little girl is a fashion diva and everybody knows that a pair of Khaki pants are a basic in any wardrobe! But she reluctantly retired the pants.

The next weekend the girl's mommy had a weak moment and wanted her baby girl to have a new pair of Khaki pants. They didn't have the money to buy Khaki pants--at all! But the girl's mommy spent $15 on them anyway. She just knew the little girl would love them! After all, they were "Old Navy"--a super duper extra special thing!

But alas, the pants didn't fit well. They were low-risers and made the girl feel too "exposed." They were "skinny pants" that made it difficult for the girl to cross her legs on the floor. Saddened, the mom and daughter put the pants up on a shelf, waiting to be returned to the store. And since they really didn't have money for them anyway...and money got even worse this week...the mommy was going to have to return the pants and wait a while to get a new pair.

Enter God!

The little girl goes to Grandma's church every Wednesday night. It just so happened that last night someone in the church gave the little girl a whole bag of clothes that their daughter had outgrown. You see--this woman knew the little girl would like the clothes because the little girl owned some of her daughter's previous clothes that she had sold in a consignment sale (coincidence!). The little girl came home last night very excited about her new bag of clothes.

They were mostly summer items. Lots of them were brand new! Wow--the little girl has a good start on summer clothes for next year! But lo and behold, at the bottom of the bag was a brand new pair of perfectly fitting (hiney-covering) Khaki pants!

Isn't God so cool? He provided exactly what the girl needed and she didn't even have to ask. The little girl's mommy was very humbled at God's provision for even the most simple things.


Kristin Jag 11:39 AM  

God is so good! Thanks for sharing. Something similar happened in our house lately. It is so hard to use restraint sometimes, but blessings will come when we are faithful! Thanks, this is the reminder I needed this morning.

Christina 8:11 PM  

Yay God!!!! And dontcha' just hate the clothes they are selling to little girls these days?!

Jena 10:55 PM  

I could echo Christina's comment 100%
I work in a Children's consignment store, very part time, which is a gift from God(if/when I use it wisely) I am learning how to consign our kiddos clothes and get new ones withour spending any $$$ or very little $$$ anyway....
I feel very blessed b/c I would buy all of Bailey's clothes at Land's End & Hannah Andersson for modesty purposes, but there is no way I can afford them new....but I can get them at the store I work at for a very reasonable price.
My pet peave in little girls clothes are low rise hip-hugger pants and bathing suits....don't even get me started...(oh wait, I already got started....)

Too Blessed to be Stressed 12:19 PM  

Gotta LOVE that!!!

I love that my BIG GOD cares about the little things like that in life!!!


Kelly 7:34 PM  

Tears because of all the times that our Lord steps in like this in small ways, just to let us know that He is still our provider and cares for us and our needs -big and small. :)