Monday, December 03, 2007

It's the Hap-Happiest Season Around...

I've had a bit of a slow start getting into the spirit of things this season--at least the decorating part. But finally tonight we got around to putting the ornaments on the tree. I told someone last week that Bright could care less if there was a tree in his living room. This is true. But things get more interesting now that there are ornaments! "Oh mommy! Look at all of these shiny glittery things just for me! Thank you mommy! You're the best!" Ummm....yeah.

It was very satisfying tonight to watch my THREE children putting ornaments on the tree. Bright was so cute cheering for himself after each hang! Last year at this time I SO missed our baby boy, waiting for us in Ghana. He is truly bright--just like his name. We've decided that each year Bright will get a different star ornament at Christmas. So it was especially neat when a good friend sent Bright a star ornament made in Africa!

Oh! Bright had a "fro-hawk" for about an hour last Friday before Eric made me shave it off. I was just going to keep it for a week, in honor of our OU Sooners (many of which have this hairstyle now)! But it was Eric's work's Christmas party on Saturday and he was embarrassed. ;-) Maybe in January when it's bowl time...

Finally, the kids got their soccer trophy's and special award certificates at an ice cream party on Saturday. They were so proud!! They've both decided to go back to soccer in the spring.

Pics of our recent happiness below!


The Eisele Family 8:56 PM  

Love the pictures of the kids, Anita! :)

Bingaling 11:16 AM  

The kids look like they were having so much fun decorating the tree! And I love Bright's "fro-hawk"...too cute!

Fliss and Mike Adventures 10:59 AM  

Looks like everyone is having so much fun...