Saturday, December 15, 2007

It is 11:50pm on Saturday Night

AND WE STILL HAVE NO POWER!!!!!! URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay ya'll, I am officially SICK of this ice storm stuff! We have been without a power for a week now. Our house is a complete mess....spoiled food...puddles on the floor from melted ice in the freezer....complete disaray from quick trips in and out of the house for the necessary items. And I have been wearing the same 2 pairs of clothes for a week now! LOL!

Most people have power now, but not the 'ol Gillispies. It's been great this week at my parent's house. Just much more like home to me, and the work setup is better for my adoption stuff. But tomorrow we'll be heading back to T-town and back to the in-laws unless we have power.

There is so much going on with AAI families right now (good, exciting stuff) that I REALLY need to be in my own workspace. So at this point I'm asking you to pray that we get our electricity!


It's 11:55 now. Still no power. =-(