Sunday, December 23, 2007

White Beden Christmas

Hi all. It seems we are destined to experience lots of winter weather this December! We left Friday to spend the weekend with my parents in Wichita, KS for the weekend. My mom gives up "real" Christmas day with the family and instead we have "Christmas" the weekend before Christmas--complete with a visit from Santa (special arrangements). For my kids there are 2 Christmas Eves! Beden Christmas and Real Christmas. =-)

Yesterday was fun with all six kids (his and hers), spouses, and 11 grandkids. My mom's house is like 1400 square feet so it is really wall to wall people when we are all in the living room for gifts! My mom goes CRAZY at Christmas time. It's her thing. She loves giving gifts, so as her kids and grandkids we always end up with an amazing selection of gifts.

Yesterday was extra special because we had a white Christmas! Well....a white Beden Christmas anyway. We got about 10 inches here, along with 40 mph winds and 3 foot snow drifts! So this morning we sit at my parents' house trying to decide if it's safe enough for us to travel back home to Tulsa. The highways are "mostly snowpacked/ice" and "slick and hazardous." Ugh. You people in Iowa and Wisconsin are probably laughing, but we don't get snow THAT much in these parts so the plows and such aren't as on top of things when we get it.

We haven't wrapped but three gifts for the kids (one each) so we have a LOT do to at home! Plus, my parents (yep, the ones we are with right now) are traveling up on Christmas Eve (tomorrow) to spend that night and the next morning with us, so I've got house to clean! If all else fails we'll all travel down to our house tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm just going on because I'm bored out of my mind at the moment.

Merry Christmas from Wichita!


Fliss and Mike Adventures 3:01 PM  

Have a great christmas and happy new year...