Monday, December 17, 2007

Something Neat

Last week I got an email from Adoptive Families magazine asking if they could publish this photo of Samren in next month's issue! Isn't that so cool?! This is my all-time favorite photo of Samren. I just love his chubby cheeks (they were helped a bit by the steroids he was on back then). I uploaded it a while back to the AF Magazine website (family photo albums).

Funny...he was about the same age in this photo as Bright is right now. That same year I made a handprint ornament for Samren and Taevy. I held Bright's hand up to Samren's ornament last week and Bright's hands are HUGE in comparison! They were over an inch longer and a lot fatter. I held B's hand up to Taevy's hand size at 3 years and Bright's were still bigger!

Anyway, I digress.... If you get AF magazine be on the lookout for my Samren next month! All I know is that they chose 3-4 holiday photos and Samren's will be one of them.

P.S. They gave a free year's subscription, which is so handy because mine just ran out!


Jena 2:58 PM  

He is sooooo cute!

Jenny 3:30 PM  

Ok Anita, I don't think I've ever said it, and yes the baby pic is cute, but I think the current pic of him you have up is about the cutest little boy picture. Ever.

Fliss and Mike Adventures 7:22 PM  

Oh my... he is adorable... I will have to check the next magazine for sure...

Kristin Jag 11:30 PM  

He is so precious, it will be fun to see him in the magazine next month!