Monday, January 07, 2008

Big Day for Brighto!

Bright is 27 months old now.

For the last week or so big sister extraordinaire Taevy has decided to take it upon herself to begin potty training Bright. Fine by me! I told her she could put him on the potty whenever she wanted, as long as she put his diaper back on and got him dressed again. I figured the novelty would wear off quickly but Taevy is dedicated and has taken him to the bathroom at least a handful of times a day.

Tonight when I was changing Bright's diaper he began whining and trying to get up (never does that). I asked him what his deal was and he pointed towards the bathroom and said "poo poo" (this is his word for bathroom, not associated with feces). Okay, I thought. I've got time. Why not. So I made a big deal of him going to try to go to the big boy bathroom.

He sat there for a moment, all proud. Nothing happened (as I expected). Then Samren chimed in and said that Bright needed his big brother to show him how the pee pee comes out. Fine. So Samren "demonstrated" while Bright intently observed.

We put Bright back on the potty. WAM BAM WHIZ!!! Bright immediately went pee-pee on the potty! I guess we'll casually continue this potty training thing to see where it goes. Samren was nowhere ready at Bright's age--never even showed interest. But maybe Bright is one of those rare boys that wants to train early??

Bright is "big boy" in other ways too. All happened today! We moved the boys' bedroom around this weekend and Bright is now sleeping in his "big boy bed." He is so proud to run up to HIS bed and climb in with all of his cuddlies.

Last, but certainly not least (actually most exciting to me) is that Bright FINALLY make an animal sound today! Bright's language is very delayed. We try to remind ourselves to look at him as a year younger because his child development really didn't start until he was a year old (severe malnutrition). Still, it's frustrating to have a 27 month old with only a handful of words (that only you understand). My mom got Bright a "Baby's First 100 Words" book for Christmas. Bright has other books like it but for some reason THIS is the book that he has latched on to and decided to learn from. He brings it to me every day to "read" to him (point to pics and label the items). Today I noticed him "reading" it himself and he began to label things (mama, dada). Then he turned to the animal page, pointed to the cow and said, "moo!"

That's my boy! Go Brighto Go!



Kerri 8:52 PM  

Yippee for Bright!
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