Tuesday, January 08, 2008



We found out this morning that Eric and his dad are a match! We will go to "committee" on February 11th and the transplant will most likely be sometime in March!

Not only did the Lord answer our prayer for a donor...not only did He answer our prayer that Eric's dad be the donor...but He even answered our prayer for it to happen in March!!

It's kind of silly, but Eric's parent gifted us hotel accommodations in Vegas to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in May. And my frequent flyer miles for trips to Ghana will buy us two plane tickets. The only thing was we REALLY didn't want to have to deal with dialysis in Vegas, and also worried about if the transplant was only shortly before the trip we would have to cancel. After the transplant Eric has to go to the doctor every day for a while, then every other day, then three times a week, etc. With the transplant being in March we should be far enough in the process by May that we can take our 4 days together in Vegas!!!!!




Kerri 12:59 PM  

Congrats!!! That's fantastic!
Kerri and Ruby

Stacy 3:43 PM  

How wonderful! And it sounds like a little trip just the two of you a couple of months later will be the perfect way to celebrate!

ManyBlessings 3:55 PM  

OH ANITA!!! This is such wonderful news!!! Praying that this will all fall into place from here on out.

Christina 4:07 PM  

Whoo Hoo!! Awesome news!! Prayers for Eric and his dad as they prepare for the surgery.

waitingforoursweetpea 5:26 PM  

Wonderful News!!!! Congrats!

Dupuis Family 6:01 PM  

Praise God Anita!!!

Lady Abena 8:13 PM  

I know you don't know me well, but I follow your blog and the adopt Ghana Yahoo group postings, and I have been touched by your family. I just wanted to say congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family. God bless!


Nicole - Raising Animals 11:22 PM  

Congrats to your family! After all is said and done, you guys will need a great vacation....Vegas will be just the ticket!

Owlhaven 12:54 AM  

How wonderful!


The Eisele Family 9:32 AM  

Praise God! One of my cousins donated to another cousin a couple of years ago. Both did great. Praying it goes as smoothly for your family! HUGS!

Jena 1:33 PM  

Praise God-
I'll be praying for all to go smoothly and for peace for your whole family during this time!

Momto13 3:13 PM  

Crying tears of joy! What wonderful, timely, perfect, Godly news!
Love you!