Saturday, January 05, 2008

Big Sister Extraordinare

Taevy (age 7) is our most challenging child. She is extremely strong-willed, extremely sensitive, and extremely intelligent. She's also quite hyperactive and very "needy" of lots of mom's cuddle time. All of that can make for challenging days. But there are so many things I adore about this child.

Taevy is an amazing big sister. I'm not just biased here. People seeing Taevy and Bright (and Samren) together always compliment her on what a great big sister she is. If we're at a play park where each child could run off and play on their own, Taevy chooses to stay with Bright and help him navigate the play equipment. If we're walking back to the car, across a field after a soccer game, Taevy asks if she can go slow and walk with Bright.

The thing that warms might heart the most is her desire to really teach Bright about things. They go and walks and she patiently describes the surroundings. "Bright, this is a leaf. See the leaf? It's brown right now. It will be green in the spring!" Sometimes Taevy will have a large variety of ways she could spend her time (TV, computer, leapster, play in her room, play outside, etc.) and she will tell me she just wants to play with Bright. So off they 30 pound "baby" on his 45 pound 7 year old sister's back!

Thanks Taevy, for being such a great big sister. I'm proud of you.