Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Good day!

Wow. What a good day it has been! Since April we've been working to get our first kids home from Ghana (for the Adoption Advocates Ghana program) and today we found out that the first four kids should be coming home this weekend!

Things in Ghana are not like more established adoption programs. There's lots of "wonder and discovery" as we move along and try to build a solid framework for the future. Ironically one of the biggest mysteries has been (and continues to be) how to most efficiently process the children's I-600's and visas. Two of our families made the decision to file their I-600 in Ghana and stay for an extra week just to see if it might work out. And it did. It did. Praise God it did!

It's hard not to wish for more. I want to know that it will go like this for all of our families. But we don't. We won't--not until many more families have also taken chances and eventually create a status quo for Ghana adoptions.

Tonight I want to just enjoy that four kids are coming home! I want to enjoy that 2 of our waiting children were referred to an amazing family tonight! I want to take a moment to breathe and look how far the program has come, rather than how much farther I want to see it go in the future.

But that's hard to do. More families are in the wings, waiting for their turn to "chance it" and help create a "normal" for Ghana adoptions. More children are sitting at Eban House right now and might ask me tomorrow when I will call them, "Auntie Anita, do I have a mommy and daddy in America yet?" Other children don't even know they are waiting for a family. I've got to get to Ghana to open doors so that they too might be able to be adopted. NOT that this is all about ME and what I do. But it's what I hope the Lord will choose to do through me. Oh how I hope to make Him proud.



Bingaling 9:12 AM  

Anita, I have so much hope for this program...I know it is going to be great...and I know it is going to get there because of your hard work. I am so blessed to be one of the families who will be bringing their kids home this weekend. I am so unbelievably excited for our union as a family of four at the airport Sunday morning!!!

(ahhh....I have SO much to do before then!!!)

Sue 5:48 PM  


You are so devoted to your job and the families you work with. You are doing a great job and you should be proud. I am sure the Lord is pleased. Thanks for all you do!


Nicole - Raising Animals 7:26 PM  

I was hoping you could take a few moments to email me about adoptions in Ghana. We've been looking for a program in Africa and we've been drawn to Ghana. I have only been able to find one program though, through Life's Vision. But- and I may be wrong- it sounds as though you're working with another agency.
We also have a child adopted from Vietnam and hope to grow again through Ghana. Any encouraging words you could send our way would be a great help.
Thank you.

ncrphoto (at)

Jena 8:52 AM  

I have been following Seppin Heavenward.....
THank you Lord, and thatn k you ANita for obeying.

Grosso Family 6:52 PM  

Anita this is awesome news - I'm so excited that your first 4 families are coming home this weekend. What a great new years gift!!!! How many other kids in your "house" need families?