Monday, January 14, 2008

Hippos and Red Red

[Sorry I keep posting about my upcoming trip to Ghana. It's the top thing on my mind these days...and I'm I write!]

Things for my trip continue to get ironed down. It looks like I'll have a bit more time in Accra that I originally thought, thanks to Percy (our adoption coordinator's) commitment to drive up to Wa all in one day. It will save us 2 days of travel time.

Another side benefit of driving it in one day is we will actually have all day Sunday in Wa to rest and experience the area. I wonder if we'll make it to the Hippo Sanctuary after all? I found this nifty brochure online about it and it sounds...interesting.

The brochure boasts that during hikes you can see monitor lizards, bats, and pythons! Joy! =-) And they offer two locally styled lodges complete with pit toilets and bucket baths! Oh the luck! LOL!

I'm making fun a bit, just because it's so far outside of my norm. Really, I'm sure it would be a great experience. Bucket baths--fine. Pit toilets...well it would probably beat some of the other places I've "gone" in Ghana.

I saw a show once on hippos and how they kill more people in Africa than any other wild animal. It left quite the impression. I really don't see myself invading the hippo's water space by taking a canoe ride down their river, but it would be cool to see them from a distance.

Another little tidbit about the trip... I've decided to stay at Eban House rather than the guesthouse. We have less kids there right now so the guestroom isn't being used. It's at least as comfortable as the guesthouse (and a lot less noisy).
It will be good to be there. The only thing I've got to work out is the food situation. I'm doomed with a picky pallet. I just can't do fufu and spicy groundnut soup. But I hate to ask them to lessen the spice for the whole house just because I'm there. Hmmmm....maybe I'll bring some rice packets and canned chicken from home and cook my own food. That is just so ugly American!
Oh I hope they have Red Red and Fried Plantains (minus the spice) at least one night. That is my favorite Ghanaian dish! Yum! Oh but then there's Jollof Rice...and Rice with stew....and...I'm getting hungry!


waitingforoursweetpea 6:01 AM  

Wow, sounds wonderful (the trip and the food)!!!

Bingaling 7:43 PM  

I sure hope you get some time to go check out the hippo sanctuary! I went on a walking safari once through an area that was known for its hippo population and I got to spend some amazing time watching hippos in all their "hippo-ness"! I got some great photos, too! Definitely check them out if you get the chance...though after an all day drive, you might not feel very up to it. All day drives are tough (especially in Africa)!

My sis-in-law spent some time in Burkina Faso...she describes Burkina much like you describe the very northern part of Ghana that you are going to visit. It sounds great to me! I'm excited to hear more about it!

I so wish I was tagging along on your trip!

HollyAnn 8:39 PM  

Fried Plantains are my favorite!!!!! I could live off those while in Africa. I think I am craving them now!