Friday, January 11, 2008

Huge Step for China Adoptions!

Have I said lately (as in the past 2-3 posts) how proud I am to work with such an outstanding organization as Adoption Advocates International? So, so proud...

Recently AAI made the great decision to hire a coordinator to work with all of the families adopting HIV+ children. Do you know of any other agency with such dedication to the adoption of HIV+ children? We're so lucky to have Erin Henderson join the team. What better person could there be?!

Erin shared some amazing news on her blog today. AAI has been given the honor of placing an HIV+ child from China! If this adoption goes well we hope that the door will be opened for many HIV+ Chinese children to be adopted into loving families.

We have been given the referral of a 20 month old little girl. For more information please contact Erin ( Feel free to spread the word about this amazing opportunity!!!