Thursday, January 10, 2008

Upcoming trip to Ghana

I'll be heading back to Ghana on February 7th and will be leaving on the 21st to come back home. This is the first time that I've had more than a week to plan for a trip to Ghana. It's weird! My last three trips I always had no more than 4 days from the moment I decided to go.

I have to say, I don't know if it makes anything better to have a month for planning. I am completely obsessed and overwhelmed! I finally got the courage today to do a rough draft of my schedule in Ghana. It's insane. And honestly, I'm a little worried. I have this whole chronic fatigue/fibromialgia thing to deal with. I find that when I'm in Ghana I fly high on adrenaline and somehow don't crash like I would at home. But this trip will be harder than my others. Here's my first stab at the schedule...

7th, Thursday--Leave Tulsa 4:30pm.

8th, Friday--Arrive in Accra mid-evening; sleep at the guesthouse

9th, Saturday--Visit Eban House in the morning; leave for Upper West Region around noon; travel as long as possible (10 hours?) and overnight somewhere along the way.

10th, Sunday--Continue traveling to Upper West; arrive in the evening; sleep!

11th, Monday--Meet with contacts, visit orphanage, meet with social welfare

12th, Tuesday--More meetings, whatever needs to be done to maybe open doors for some kids to be adopted

13th, Wednesday--tie up loose ends in Upper West; leave for Accra around noon; travel as long as possible then overnight somewhere along the way

14th, Thursday--Continue traveling back to Accra; arrive in the evening; sleep!

15th, Friday--Visit local orphanage; go to social welfare to meet with attorney and officials

16th, Saturday--Down time! Finally get to spend some quality time with the kids and staff at Eban House. Go shopping for donation to be made to another orphanage.

17th, Sunday--Feel bad I don't get to go to church. =-( Travel to Axim (5-8 hours). Meet director of Children's Home there. Visit the home and children.

18th, Monday--Meet Social Welfare officer in Axim; learn about adoptions there; head back to Accra; sleep at home in Teshie!

19th, Tuesday--Head out to Swedru area to give donation of supplies to an orphanage in need there; learn about the situation and see if continued support is needed; head back to Accra.

20th, Wednesday--Staff training at Eban House; more time with kids at Eban House; head into Accra (Osu) to enjoy a night with air conditioning and hot water before I leave.

21st, Thursday--Visit Romana and Beacon House; do a bit of shopping; head back to hotel for last shower before the airport; on the plane at 10pm

22nd, Friday--Give my hubby and kids the biggest hug ever when I get back home late afternoon!!!!!

Estimated drive from Teshie to Upper West (Wa)--22 hours one way
Estimated drive from Teshie to Swedru--2 to 3 hours (if traffic isn't bad)
Estimated drive from Teshie to Axim--5 to 8 hours one way

And did I mention I get car sick?! LOL!



Bingaling 9:58 PM  

Ooh...Anita you are going to be SO busy!!! But, just think about all those new areas of Ghana you and AAI are going to explore! It sounds so exciting!! I wish I was going with you...maybe another trip somewhere down the road (like months down the road)??