Sunday, February 03, 2008


  • Seven year old has cried 10 times this weekend about her mommy leaving her? Check.
  • Too many donations to make weight on checked OR carryon luggage? Check!
  • More things still on their way that will make me more over weight (on luggage!)? Check!
  • Living room resembles the aftermath of a tornado? Check.
  • Craving food (like Chocolate, Mexican, ICE) that I know I will miss the next few weeks? Check!
  • 950 page book to keep me busy on the planes? Check (Pillars of the Earth)
  • Hubby instructed to record Lost (since I seem to always miss either the first or last episodes of the season of lost when I travel!). Check!
  • Way more motion sickness medicine than I will ever use? Check.
  • Feeling of an empending anxiety attack? Check! Check!!

It's official then. I'm leaving for Ghana this week. All of the tell-tale signs are there.

I know in my head that I can only do the best I can do. I am not in control of the outcomes of this trip. I may travel all 'round the country and meet with unsurmountable obstacles the entire time. Or maybe, just maybe, some good will be done. Some kids will find families. Some sick kids will find care. Some struggling families will find support. This is my hope.



Sue 10:31 PM  

You are not alone my friend. See you soon!

Sue :)

Salome's Mom 9:59 AM  

You are one amazing lady.