Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chocolate Tourism in Ghana

I read this interesting article about Ghana taking a new interest in tourism centered around chocolate. I love the idea! Ghana is a world leader in cocoa bean production. Much of the chocolate you buy in Europe and other parts of the world began on a Cocoa tree in Ghana.

Over the holidays a friend of mine introduced Divine Chocolate to me. Divine Chocolate is a fair trade company that exclusively uses chocolate from Ghana. Not only are you doing a good thing if you buy it, but it also tastes REALLY good. My family adores the mint-chocolate and I am a fan of the basic milk-chocolate.

This year on February 14th Ghana will have its 2nd annual National Chocolate Day. I would LOVE to attend the festivities! I am such a chocolate hound! Seventy-five chefs will present chocolate creations at the National Theatre--yum!



Jim & Laurel 2:58 AM  

I was excited to read the article. We'll be in Accra on the 14th, so I think it would be a very fun way to celebrate our first Valentines Day with our kids.

Thanks for always sharing such informative articles.


Salome's Mom 10:46 AM  

I just found your blog and fallen in love with it. I am adding it to my list to read.Beautiful family.


Fliss and Mike Adventures 4:46 PM  

I never stop being amazed at how gorgeous the kids are...

*~JESSIE~* 9:07 AM  

I didn't realize that Ghana produced so much chocolate. That's great! Maybe I need to take a trip there and indulge a bit.

Omar Cruz 7:53 PM  

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