Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Favorite Photos

These are a few of my favorite photos from my recent trip to Ghana.

This man, at 70ish, is father to a 3 month old baby!
This is a photo of some of the 400 or so people we were able to speak to about adoption in the Upper West Region. Most of them had no idea what adoption is. After the talk everybody enjoyed a meal together. Some of the people traveled for days to get to the meeting.
It's easy to see why this natural rock formation near Lawra in the Upper West is called "The Mushroom Rocks!"

This is one of a handful of mud and stick mosques in Ghana--built in the Sudanese style. It was a beautiful building.

Can you say Ghana pride?!

Notice this shirt, the first day it was worn, by Bright, in June 2007. When I left Ghana I donated the shirt to our children's home and saw it worn for several by "our children."

Eventually, our staff donated the shirt to an orphanage that was in more need. When I went to deliver a food donation to the orphanage I saw Bright's shirt on this little boy. The thing must just stretch and stretch! It's only size 2T!

During my first visit to Ghana I met these guys at the Art Market in a stalled called "No Food for Lazy Man." During my trip I visited the art market again and the guys TOTALLY recongized me from a year ago! We had fun jamming on their hand made drums!

This is my best attempt at capturing an African Sunrise on film. We were flying down the road at 80mph trying to get back to Accra from the Upper West!
Little boy, big hat.
My friend and I were pretty shocked when we saw this billboard. Know what it's for? Maxipads!!!

These's nothing super special about this picture. It's Yam with Fish Stew (which I thought was quite yummy). Until... Until my friend and I pulled out the fish eyes! We placed them on a plate where a fly contentedly snacked. [My friends in Ghana LOVE the fish eyes--maybe they are really good??

This was a humongous tree we just had to stop and take a photo of. It felt "petrified"--hard as rock!


Fliss and Mike Adventures 3:39 PM  

I really like the photos... what an adventure you had... my friend (single male) just adopted a little boy from Ghana... that boy is now literally living the royal life... his father works for a Royal Family in the Middle East... he is one of the happiest kids I have ever seen and a smile the size of the Grand Canyon...