Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's a First!

Well, I am about 24 hours away from leaving for the airport and for the first time EVER I am already packed! least the big bags are packed. The carry-on stuff is laying out but it will be put in last minute. I'm paying for one bag's overage (70 pounds) but the other snuck in just over the limit (51 pounds). Hopefully if I'm a few pounds over they will have mercy on me--otherwise I'll be dumping stuff at the airport (probably garlands of beads that are really fun, but also really heavy and not a "need"!).

I think we've got everything squared away in Ghana, ready for our two families to travel while I'm in country (but not necessarily in Accra). As it turns out I'll be on the same flight inbound as one family, and on the same flight outbound as the other. How cool is that?! I just need to....
cut the boys' hair
give baths to the kids (can't deliver dirty kids to grandma!)
pack 3 kids and a husband for 2 weeks with the grandparents
deliver the little dog to her "dog sitter" across the street
clean the house (Mother-in-law will be here every day so it's gotta get a bit cleaner!)
make sure all of the laundry is done and put away
give my hubby and kids about a million hugs before tomorrow morning!

Not a bad list at all.


Yoli 4:36 PM  

Sounds like you are all ready to go! have a safe trip!