Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Things that make me feel feel good...

The relative innocense of our children despite our decision to send them to a lower-income, high immigrant rate public school.

Samren (Kindergarten) came home today and said, "Mommy, my friend Greg said an "F" word at school today." Alarmed, I asked Samren what the word was. He resisted, sure he would get in SO MUCH trouble if he told me. I told him that he wouldn't get in trouble since I asked him, and talked him into whispering it. "Mommy....he said 'What the Heck!" Whew! I'm quite glad that Samren was ashamed of THAT word rather than the real "F" word!

Then Taevy (1st grade) said, "Someone in MY class said a REALLY bad word mommy! He said the 'SH' word!" Alarmed again, I had Taevy whisper that word to me. Oh my goodness! Her friend said "Shut up!" What is the world coming to!!! ;-)



Yoli 4:35 PM  

Anita that is adorable.

Addie 9:41 PM  

Cute! :)