Saturday, March 22, 2008

Very Disappointing News

As you know, we've been waiting for Eric's dad to finish the very final testing in order to set the date for the kidney transplant. He had been determined to be a healthy match in February. We expected to find out surgery dates either this week or next. Instead, Eric's dad was thrown out of the program (it's official, they won't change their minds) due to an irregular prostate test. The prostate test suggests that his dad might have prostate cancer.

I can't tell you what a blow this is. The past almost year that Eric has been on dialysis has been the most difficult year for us to date. He is miserable, walking around with 3 liters of fluid in his abdomen (although he hides this very well around others). He vomits almost every day. His ribs hurt because of the weight of the dialysis fluid in his body. Every night we endure dozens of alarms with his dialysis machine. His muscle movements when he sleeps are so strong that I'm struggling to remain sleeping in our bed with him (even with a sleeping pill and ear plugs it's next to impossible to sleep). His blood sugars are extremely difficult to control because the dialysis fluid is filled with sugar (which puts his remaining vision at risk). His immune system is so torn up that he gets sick with cold/flu very often, and it seems to always turn into bronchitis or pneumonia. His self-image is struggling because the fluid makes him look like he's 7 months pregnant. His body gets horrible cramps as a side effect. And we thought we were so close to being done with this chapter....

Please pray for my husband. We have (on average) another 2 years of waiting for him to get a donor from the cadaver list, and the thought of going another two years like this feels like a lifetime. I just don't know if his body can do that. And even if his body can, his spirit is wavering. I know that I will probably lose my husband early, but I don't want it to be THIS early. I'm just not ready. Of course I never will be. God's will be done, but I hope that isn't His will.

Please pray that a donor is found. We're now forced to move outside of his immediate family into extended family and friends. It gets a lot harder to find a match. I'll begin the process to see if I can donate, but we pray that the Lord provides another source for the kidney so that our children are insured that at least one of their parents will still be here after this process.

Please pray for James, Eric's dad. Pray that this test was inaccurate and that no cancer is found.We know the Lord has a purpose in all of this. We know He has not left us and that He has a plan for us that will glorify Him.

We will do our best to be patient until the day that He provides an answer to our prayers.



Stacy 4:23 PM  

Oh, I am so, so sorry to hear this news. I can't believe after the delays in moving forward with his dad that it's now come down to this. I will absolutely be praying for your family that a match is found that will work for him.

A. Gillispie 4:27 PM  

Thanks Stacy. You know...that's what I was afraid of...that with the delays something would happen to stop the transplant. But I know it's a good thing that this was found. Otherwise there would have been a possibility that Eric's new kidney would have cancerous cells that spread into his body. And of course we wouldn't know a think about the possibility of his dad's cancer if he hadn't been doing all of the testing for the transplant.


Christina 5:47 PM  

Oh Anita, What disappointing and just plain upsetting news. I'm so sorry, for all of you. And I'll be praying - that Eric's dad does not have cancer, and that a new donor can be found for Eric very soon.

Brandi 7:42 PM  

Anita, I am so sorry. I ache for your family. I can't even imagine how hard this is. Please tell Eric that I'm praying. . .I will be thinking of your family tomorrow during worship. . .as we worship the one who triumphs over death we will pray for a miracle!


Ericka 7:50 PM  

Oh Anita, I'm so so sorry. I've put you on my prayer list and will ask for prayers at my Disciple group as well....
My FIL has struggled with prostate cancer (it's metatastised?????) so I'm very familiar with it so if you have ANY questions, please let me know.......
As for Eric (and your family) know I'll be praying for some relief SOON!!!!!

Sue 8:08 PM  


Oh,how upsetting. I can't imagine how you and Eric must feel. I will continue to pray for your situation.


cc 8:35 PM  


I am so sad with you to hear this news. Where God closes one door, another will open, and hopefully soon! Please know that you and Eric are in our prayers and we will add you to our church list as well.

Hugs from Indiana,
Cathy and Dirk

K 11:04 PM  

It must be an awful feeling. I'm sorry, and praying for a donor.
God has a plan in all of this, just like every other situation you have faced so far. He has a reason, and it will likely be revealed one day. He certainly hasn't abandoned your family, so have hope in His hand in this.

At the Foot of the Cross 7:07 AM  


I assume that your father-in-law is having some follow up testing on the prostate. The test results can be false. My husband had a positive result on a blood test (he's 54.)in December. A biopsy in January cleared him.

If he's fine, they won't consider again???? Sounds like they are throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Mary Ellyn

A. Gillispie 4:29 PM  

Yes, Eric's dad will have this looked into more. At this point he defnitely does NOT count himself as having cancer. It was just one test. He's recovering from a broken leg and then he plans to delve into further testing.

Unfortunately, Eric's dad will never be considered a kidney donor candidate again. One test coming back with the possibility of cancerous cells is enough. It's the surgeon that decides this, based on the fact that he doesn't feel comfortable taking Eric's dad's kidney out if he isn't in perfect health. So many people are rejected as candidates immediately because of fairly minor issues.


Momto13 9:36 PM  

I am just now reading this. I am so sorry for this heartbreaking news! Praying, praying, praying that a donor is found sooner than 2 years!!!
And I had not realized the struggles that you all are dealing with daily. Lifting you all up in prayers!!