Saturday, April 12, 2008

Current Events

Icky Bug: [Update--Eric is coming down with it now!] Isn't cold and flu season supposed to be over?! Sometimes I feel like our family catches any bug that is out there. It's discouraging because we get it one at a time and inevitably someone is sick on Sunday. We're just getting involved in a new church and it stinks to miss because of illness! Sammy had it first (and now it's yet another sinus infection), then Taevy got it for a few days, and now Bright is on his second day with a fever. Tonight his fever was 104, which I think is the highest his fever has gotten since we've had him home. He is SUCH a mommy's boy that when he is sick nobody else will do. =-) Of course this touches my heart, but it also means that mommy doesn't get very many moments alone! LOL!

New to Us: This week we decided to trade in our Kia Sedona for a Honda Pilot. We were getting horrid gas milage with the Sedona (like 10 MPG!) and we'll get a lot better milage with the Pilot (although still not certainly FABULOUS gas milage). It's pretty exciting for us. We've always gotten the base models of cars, but this one (2004) is all tricked out. We feel all cool in our 4 year old Honda! LOL! It has leather seats and automatic heating/cooling and heated seats, and even a navigation system. We are having really TOO much fun--so dorky! We went to Wal-Mart last night and bought a few car accessories. Then today all five of us just sat out in the car in the drive way trying to figure everything out! The kids are very excited to all be in the 2nd row (we also have a fold down 3rd row).

Kidney Stuff: We found out this week that my blood type is compatible with Erics. That is GREAT news!!! We know of one other person who is also going through the process to be matched with Eric. When I talked to the transplant unit they told me that we had to decide which one of us would go forward because they only work with one potential donor at a time. After prayer and discussion it has been decided that the other potential donor will go forward. If that person is excluded, I'll go forward. We did this for a few reasons. First, kidneys don't last forever! Since I am a potential match it would be nice to keep my kidney for the next time Eric needs a transplant. They usually stop working after 10-20 years. Second, logistically it will be very difficult for our family if Eric and I are both "down" at transplant time. It just feels like it would be impossible for Eric's mom (our main support) to manage both of our recoveries, taking Eric to doctor's appointments every day, take care of our 3 kids, and the two kids she watches during the day, and her own home and husband! So if the Lord works it out where someone else is the donor that's great. I want to be strong and able to support my family during transplant time. But if the Lord chooses for me to be the donor--He must have a plan!

So...that's our current events.



Kijar 7:30 PM  

See Please Here

Amalama 10:01 PM  

Oh Anita! I am SOOOO glad to hear that you have a potential match for Eric! My heart is dancing for you and I am sending up prayers that everything goes well! May every step in the process be blessed!

Amy F.

A. Gillispie 10:34 PM  

Amy! You sent a comment to another post and I was like, "Who is Amalama?!" Glad to know! LOL!

Amalama 10:43 AM  

Ooops- I forgot to identify myself in that other post, didn't I? SO many nick names to keep track of- Fabu, Amalama (Ding Dong), Pork Chop (...don't ask). :)

Have a good one,
Amy F.

Jennifer 10:08 AM  

We love our Pilot!
ITS great with 3 but already hoping for something bigger when we have 4!

Praying this is the match!!