Friday, April 11, 2008

My Reader

I know that learning to read has been part of the human experience for thousands of years, but I find it amazing to watch my children grasp this new skill for the first time.

Lately it's like something has just "clicked" with Taevy. All of the sudden she can ready just about any word (okay, not "just about any"...but a LOT of words). A few days ago she brought me a note from Samren's teacher and started reading it out loud. She read it PERFECTLY. Below is a video of her reading the note. Of course "on camera" she messed up just a bit. Jitters and all!


Amy J 5:16 PM  

Oh my gosh, how cute is that smile at the end?! Taevy is beautiful! My girls learned to read the same way. I was worried they weren't getting it and all the sudden, bang, they got it. Now they're reading way above grade level and are both in the gifted program. It's weird how that learning stuff works!?

Amalama 5:35 PM  

Oh Anita!

How wonderful! Taevy reads with such expression. :) You gotta love hearing that and seeing her shining face at the end!