Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Family Drum Time

One thing we like to do sometimes is have family drum time. I used to be an early childhood music specialist and I also collect instruments from around the world, so our house is full of drums big and small.

If you haven't ever tried just getting together with your family and "jamming" it's really quite fun. Nobody has to be a musician, as long as one person can keep a beat for the others it works out okay--not perfect but okay. One thing I've noticed is that when our family drums together it calms us all. Something about the vibrations and steady (okay, somewhat steady when you're talking about 3 kids under 8!) beat. You'll notice in the video that everybody looks totally zoned out. That's what it does. You lose yourself and just FEEL the drums.

Anyway, try it sometime! It's fun (and relaxing to kids)!

Of course if you go to Ghana your family drum time might be more like this! [Recorded at "No Food For Lazy Man" drum shop at the Art and Cultural Centre.]