Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well, we've had a week full of cat drama around here.

We lost our beloved "Coffee Cat" to a violent dog attack this week. She was quite the cat. [Excuse me if you don't like cats--I'm going to talk about this on this ONE post! ;-)]

Coffee Cat was a beautiful long-haired Siamese stray that lived in our old neighborhood. I wish I had a picture. They were all lost in a computer crash. Sitting out on the porch in the evenings....little by little...she began to trust me. Eventually she got to the point where she would come up for petting. Then she began to choose our house as the "safe spot" to have her MANY litters of kittens. Little by little she adopted our family as her own. She was still definitely a bit ferrel and would never be a house cat. But before long she began to choose our hallway closet as a place to have her litters of kittens. Yes--I allowed this as crazy as it seems! Eventually we saw Coffee Cat enough as our own that we decided to have her spayed. Enough was enough! She and her last two kittens were "fixed."

Then we sold our house. What do you do with a cat that is your cat but isn't really your cat, and her two adolescent kittens? We decided to bring them along to our new house, as much as that probably disappointed our new neighbors. Great! Three new "outside" cats in the neighborhood!

We've been here for 2 years now. Coffee and her children have stuck around. Coffee and one of the kids (Simeon) comes several times a week for cuddles and a stress-free nap on our bed, but nobody could call them completely tame kitties. In fact, one of the kittens has all but abandoned us and never comes around.

On Thursday one of our neighbors knocked on the door to let me know that Coffee had been attacked by a dog. It was heart-breaking to me. I didn't ever expect it to hurt so much if we lost her. After all, she was "just" a stray. But she was a stray that helped my kids learn about the miracle of birth! She was a stray that loved to roll over and let me rub her belly all over. She was a stray that "talked" as only Siamese do, to let me know exactly how she was feeling. And, she is the first pet I've had to see dead since I became an adult.
Seeing her lifeless body was really hard. Holding her was harder. Putting her into the ground was excrutiating. And it all brought to the surface questions about how I would ever live through the process of losing Eric, should the Lord decide to take him home early.

Now to the fun part...
I am "one of those people" who wants to get a new pet as soon as a pet dies. I know maybe that's unhealthy, but I don't like feeling sad, and getting a new pet gives me something fun and happy to think about! So after I got through crying about Coffee, I started looking for a free kitty (one to keep INSIDE).

I am such a sucker though. The lady (a cat rescuer) had lots of kittens and she talked me into taking two. Two! Ack! Eric was so NOT happy about even having ONE new inside cat. He was really pretty ticked off about having two. After a day of hearing him complain about it I told him fine--I would foster the kitties and we would either choose one or I would find new homes for both of them after a few weeks. That was two days ago.

Today my big tough husband that cannot STAND cats has had a kitten on him pretty much all day. I went to take a nap and a kitten was on him. When I got up, same kitten was on him. I make a comment about that and he said, "I don't like cats...but this one is okay." [High praise from the hubby.] He keeps going to hunt them down so he can hold them. Then he'll hand one off and say "Go to mommy." Doesn't exactly sound like a guy who is looking at these kitties as a temporary thing, does it? ;-)

Introducing Bangel and Biscuit:
And the reluctant "daddy" (shot this without him knowing it):
Ha! Ha!


Amalama 11:06 PM  

I'm so sorry you lost Coffee. It is so difficult to lose a family pet. ((((Hugs)))) Your new additions are precious though. I have a feeling they are BOTH gonna be staying. ;)

Always loved kitties, but I am SO allergic. If I pet a cat and don't remember to wash my hands, I'm in trouble- my eyes swell shut instantaneously!

Enjoy your new babies Anita. :)

Story of our Life 11:28 PM  

lol...I love it.

If we were closer...I would have given our 2 cats to you. :)

No...I don't knwo what we are going to do with them.

James - hats cats also. He is allergic to them. After about a year of having allergy shots he had his doctor write me aletter about "being allergic" to the cats. Hmm...I never saw the letter.

I'm not dissing people who are allergic by no means!! Please don't get me wrong.

Our cats do not like "our dog". Our dog is a bit "to frisky" with them.

Long story here but it looks like we might have to "find a new home for the 2 kitties we have" and then down the road maybe get another one.

Your new kittens are adorable. :) I reallyl do love cats. I just wish my cats liked my dog. Life would be much happier around here. (just ask my dh)

Robin Dodd Photography 5:52 PM  

Oh Anita... It's so hard to lose a pet.. last night after having Willie our schnauzer for 10 years now I accidentally left him outside and he must have had a great adventure because we have no fenced in backyard and he wasn't wearing his collar!! I saw something out of the corner of my eye this morning when I was leaving for work, and there is was, wet from the rain, which he cannot stand!! I FREAKED OUT! I thought he was under the bed last night.. it was such a fluke that he got left out there!! I'm sorry you lost your kitty.. but I'm with you with the getting a pet right away.. That is SO cute with Eric and the kitty. Shawn is the same way.. our kitty AMY came to us the same way, and lives on our back porch if he doesn't see her for a day he gets worried : )