Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gillispies Go Prince Caspian

On Friday we decided to do a rare thing and went to the movies. First we stopped at CiCi's pizza (a first for us) and ate way too much pizza. Then it was off to the grocery store to purchase our "illegal" movie candy (who actually pays the prices at the movie?!).

$16 for dinner (kids at free); $35 for the 5 of us to see a prime time movie;$5 for candy; another $8 for two sodas. This movie better be good!

I didn't have the chance to read Prince Caspian for the kids before the movie--like we did with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Worse yet, it's been several years since I read the book. Even then it wasn't near my favorite Narnia book (The Magician's Nephew and Last Battle take that honor) so what I remembered was quite fuzzy.

The movie was interesting and good. But I remembered enough about the book to know that they organized the movie much different than the book. They also cut out a lot of the back story (Lucy's relationship to the trees...the history of the trees...Susan's ongoing lack of faith, Dr. Cornelius and his teachings, etc.). The movie was mostly about war. In the book, the battle is just at the end of the book. All in all the kids and hubby liked it.

It is family friendly. Only one part that was scary to my kids (a hag and mean wolf). The battle scenes don't hardly show blood at all, and no gore. No bad words.

Last night I pulled out my Prince Caspian book and began reading. Then I realized just how different (watered-down) the movie is! I was determined that I should read the book to the family this weekend, but Eric suggested that instead we listen to the Focus on the Family Narnia Books on CD that we bought a few years ago. They don't go EXACTLY like the books word for word, but it is a MUCH MUCH closer version than the Hollywood movie.

Actors read the character voices; they've added sound effects; and there is a great narrator. So it's kind of like a movie except that you have to use your imagination to SEE the story. Love it. We're about 2/3s through Prince Caspian and I enjoy it so much better. If your family hasn't experienced the entire Narnia series of books and you're not up for reading them aloud, I'd suggest this series of Radio Theatre books on CD as a great alternative.

As we listen Samren dresses up in his knight regalia--ready for the battle scenes!

P.S. Do I regret taking the kids to Prince Caspian? Not on your life! I'll support these movies as long as they keep coming out with them. Watered-down C.S. Lewis is far better than no C.S. Lewis at all! =-)


Renee 9:55 PM  

Wow, your first trip to Cici's Ever??? LOL they know us well at our CiCi's. I fully expect them to ban us one day as I know they don't make money off of our family.

I saw Prince Caspian yesterday with my cousin (to preview it before bringing the children).

I LOVED it. I want to be Lucy. Her heart is so tender. She is so brave. I loved Edmund~He was so awesome. I find I can relate to Peter soo much.. trying to do it all in my own strength.

The movie does deviate from the books, but it has a good message. Good films are so rare, and I think these have been done really well.

We will definitely check out the Audio CD's. They sound great! Thanks for the review and the recommendation.

Paula 12:12 AM  

We just took the kids to see this yesterday. We had just finished reading the book but had been prewarned about the change of plot, etc. Although we were somewhat disappointed in how they changed a lot of the story line it was still good overall and we too are glad we went to support it! ;0)

Story of our Life 2:25 PM  

Never heard of a CiCi's...sounds good. :)

We take 'illegal' candy/soda into the theatres every time we go.

Heck, my dh almost was able to get into the Blue Man Concert w/his water bottle. :) We won the tickets on the radio and it would have been a rather cheap night for him and bryant if they would have been able to take their water bottles in.

I'm glad you had a good time and it was worth it.

:) Love, G