Friday, May 30, 2008

My Love...

Ten memories to represent 10 years of marriage.

Do you remember how crazy and young we were on our wedding day...having you (Mr. Legally Blind) drive us out of the church parking lot and 2 more hours on to Tulsa for our honeymoon?!

Do you remember how invigorated we felt the first time we became parents? Do you remember singing "Boomer Sooner" to Taevy as a lullaby on our room balcony in Phnom Penh, Cambodia?

Do you remember the surprise birthday cake that our friends ordered for you in Vietnam, the day you turned 30 and our first week with Samren? Remember how "old" 30 felt? Ha!

Do you remember the joy we felt when we finally had a diagnosis and treatment plan for the disease that was eating Samren alive? Do you remember how worth it it was to drive cross country to find his doctor?!

Do you remember the Power of the Lord we felt on the day that Samren was miraculously healed in Church? Do you remember how small we felt in the presence of His greatness, but at the same time the realization of how important we must be to Him in order that He would bless Samren with a healing?

Do you remember how amazing it was to watch Samren eat his first foods after a year of liquid? Grapes...and potatoes...and M&Ms.

Do you remember how we sweat each night that we set up the room for the Kindermusik classes I you were so sick of taking our kids to multiple classes a week but you continued to do so because you love me and didn't want me to have to do it all alone?

Do you remember the day, on my 30th birthday, that you finally agreed to adopt again--from Africa? Do you realize now how much that one decision has changed both of our lives?

Do you remember how good you felt when you began dialysis, compared to how you felt before dialysis? Do you realize still how much better you are going to after your kidney transplant?!

Do you remember what it was like to hold Bright in your arms after a 16 month long journey, and me being in Ghana for 8 of the previous 13 weeks?

Will you always remember that I love you. Even when I push you outside of your comfort zone with dreams of more children...even when I work too much...even when I want to spread myself thinner with new projects and ministries? You are the single greatest source of passion in my life. I love you.

Your Wife,


Sue 8:23 PM  

Just beautiful. Happy Anniverasry.