Saturday, June 28, 2008

Feeling Better After My Freak-Out

Okay...feeling a bit better today after last night's mini panick attack! Thanks for the sweet and supportive words, those who commented. Last night I just felt lost! Today I finally found a business that I think can set us up with hotel, car, and even a rental mobile phone for while we're there.

I will make it! It will be fine!!!



Nicole - Raising Animals 9:17 AM  

hehe! Glad to hear that things are coming together! I for one, CANNOT wait to hear all about the trip!!

whenpigsfly 2:06 PM  

Praying for you dear friend!! I KNOW that you will do fine in your new adventure after you've processed it all and worked out as much detail as possible. God has some awesome things ahead for you!!!!
suffering from "going-to-Ghana-envy"!!!!!

Tanya 2:20 PM  

Glad you found your groove! You are a strong, smart woman, it will all work out fine. Wishing you Peace and Grace!