Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free Lemonade Stand for Tulsa area family

I have been disagnosed with a highly contagious eye condition that is going to have me down for 7-14 days. There is no way that I am going to be able to decorate and carry out my kids' Crayon's Pink Lemonade lemonade stand for charity this Saturday, June 21st. We already have La Fortune Park reserved (by the kids' play area) from 10-1.

It would be such a blessing to us if one of the Tulsa area families that read this blog was able to carry out this charity lemonade stand. We were going to "sell" them for .50 minimum donation, with all proceeds going to AAI Ghana's program, but if you wanted the donations to go to another cause that would be your choice.

It comes with a cardboard lemonade stand (easy assembly), 5 brand stickers, and 120 cans of Crayon Pink Lemonade. PLEASE--SOMEONE TAKE OVER OUR LEMONADE STAND and make this week just a little bit brighter. I hate the thought of it not happening, and all stands are supposed to run this Saturday the 21st.

Call 918-794-6992 if you can do it. I won't answer, but will call you back (as I am SICK and this is my business line).

Thanks T-town folks,


Story of our Life 10:41 PM  

We JUST received our stand. Since we didn't get it I made plans this weekend.

If you have not gotten rid of your stand...keep it and do the "lemonade stand" when you are better.

That is what we ar egoing to do. We might be able to do it next week. Otherwise when we do get to do it...the non profit group will get the proceeds. However, we just can't do it this weekend.

We did get it decorated this evening.

I sure hope you are feeling better.

I vote for keeping it...

And when youa re better...THEN do it.