Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pharyngoconjunctival Fever

What does it say about a person when they get an illness that is usually limited to kids 0-2 and "institutionalized individuals?" Hmm...

At any rate, I finally know what it is and it feels good to know that I wasn't a total wimp--it really is nasty. First I went to my regular doc, who prescribed vicodin (thank you Dr. Miller!) and an antibiotic before sending me to the eye doctor. From my doc I got that I had infection going on in my eyes, nose, throat, lymph nodes, and urinary tract. The stuff in my eye had spread. Or at least that was the working diagnosis.

By the time I got to the eye doctor it was 2:30 and I hadn't taken any medication all day. I could barely drive because of the light sensitivity and horrendous headache. I could barely talk because of my worsening sore throat. Plus I'm peeing every 5 minutes!

I was a total "show and tell" at the eye doctor's office. It is a practice of 8 doctors and all of them came to look at my eyes because it was such a "teaching case." Yeah...thanks. Now get the bleeping light out of my eyes! ;-)

Pharyngoconjunctival Fever. That's what it is. Finally I'm not crazy. I knew that it wasn't "just" an eye thing. My fever was over 102 and everything on my body hurt so bad.

The good news is that I don't have to be hospitalized (family doc thought I might need to be). The bad news is it's basically a viral infection throughout my whole body that will take 7-14 days to "run its course." No medicine to help. And the entire time I am "extremely contagious." Yep. Awesome. Not. The doc said that the virus could literally live for like a week on anything I tough after being in contact with any of my own bodily fluids (tears, saliva, etc.). Yikes!

The best news of the day though, is the vicodin. Seriously folks. I wasn't functioning well today. The pain was just too much. The bottle said to take one, but that didn't really touch the pain. Two vicodin and I am feeling much more like my old self. As long as I can keep taking this wonder drug for the next two weeks I should be okay. I know I sound like a total addict, but it is such a relief just not to feel that pain!

I have to go back to the eye doctor in a week to make sure some sort of scale isn't growing over my eyes. If so, they "scrape" it off. Nasty. Now if I can just keep the rest of the family from getting this we should be okay. Doc said no church, limited contact with "outsiders", etc. until it is completely gone.

AAI families, I should be more "around" now that I've got pain control.

Last but not least, I give you the final nasty eye pic!


Heather A. 7:04 PM  

Oh Anita, You sound like you are really suffering. I'm praying for a faster recovery for you and that the illness doesn't spread to anyone at home. Big hugs, Heather A.

Bingaling 7:16 PM  

Big Hugs Anita!! Ugh, it sounds wonder you were in so much pain - you weren't just a wimp! ;o)

Praying for fast recovery! I'm so glad you know what it is now and that you have some pain meds to help you feel a little more like yourself!

Heather 7:33 PM  

My goodness, Anita!! You are having a rough ol' week. We will pray for you, poor thing. I'm glad you have some good drugs, please rest and take good care of yourself!


We're Ghana Adopt 8:11 PM  

All I can say is "OUCH!". I feel for you. I will definitely pray for fast recovery. :0)
Sending healthy hugs!

Amalama 8:29 PM  

Miss Anita,

I am so glad you have some pain relief and do take care of yourself!!! I am sorry it is such a nasty bug... may it "run its course" sooner as opposed to later! :)


Kristin Jag 1:45 PM  

Oh my goodness! I will be praying for you! Ugh -and I hope it doesn't spread to the rest of the family.

Teri 7:02 AM  

Oh my...that sounds horrible! You poor thing. You are in my prayers and I really pray that none of the kids or your husband catch this. Take good care of yourself.