Saturday, June 07, 2008

Great way to give!

My friend Sarah just posted about an awesome opportunity for we parents to help our kids give to a charity of their choice!

Crayons Pink Lemonade will send your child a FREE lemonade stand (complete with 120 cans of all natural lemonade, a cardboard stand, and paint pens) if you are one of the first 1000 to sign up. Registration ends Sunday, June 8th so hurry!


Your child chooses a charity (with your help of course) and all proceeds are donated to that charity. I signed my kids up to donate to AAI's Grace Fund.

Another thought...what if you were to make it really special by "buying" the cans of lemonade yourself ($120) and then GIVING the cans of lemonade away along with information on the charity of your choice? Hmm...

What a fantastic way to kick off summer break!



Holly 8:57 PM  

We've been busy and out of town so I am behind on your blog entries, but just read the last few and wanted to tell you that I truly think you and your husband are AMAZING parents!
What blessings each of your children are and how perfect for your family!
I can only imagine the stress of the situation in Vietnam. Please know that there is absolutely NO WAY I could judge you for that!
There is a season for everything.. a time to share and a time to REFRAIN from sharing what you know or think you might know! ;)
Blessings to you as you bless others,
Holly from Purpose Driven Family